Sustainable entrepreneurship
Innovation and entrepreneurship are marked by natural, bio-based and healthy. The concept bio-based means that something is based on nature. Bio-based innovation stands for strategic and sustainable renewal, wherein the economy and ecology both can benefit. This development fits well with the current transition of our fossil economy to a bio-based economy, which makes use of raw material based on renewable resources (biomass). The role of natural resources, such as plants, micro-organisms and animals, is becoming more and more important – not only for the production of safe and healthy food, but also to serve as a raw material for chemistry, energy or other bio-products. Closely connected is the circular economy, wherein industrial loops are closed  based on use-and-recover. In practice, this means optimizing the raw material productivity or gaining valuable products from residual by-products. All this with the primary purpose, waste does not exist. Key factors for success are a clear focus, ambitious teamwork and knowledge alliances. Creating the opportunity for pioneering.