Joth Innovation is active in the following sectors and knowledge areas

  • food-agri
  • life science
  • health
  • green chemistry
  • petfood
  • animal feed
  • manufacturing
  • renewable energy

  • strategy
  • new business development
  • biobased innovation
  • sustainability
  • creation of value
  • valorization
  • creation of knowledge
  • food-agri
  • food chain
  • process technology
  • green chemistry
  • food safety
  • internationalization
  • entrepreneurship
  • market research
  • company analysis
  • promotion of export
  • quality systems
  • legislation
  • regulatory affairs
  • management skils
  • social skils
  • connecting
  • experiments on lab-scale

First consultancy

An inventory and non-committal conversation.

Feasibility study

The performance of a feasibility study to give insight on the economic and technical feasibility with respect to bio-based innovations, creation of value or process design. Experiments on small scale is a possibility.

Innovation project

Assessment, design, leading and acceleration of innovation and bio-based projects. Project guidance of innovative initiatives. Identifying, investigating, developing and implementation of ideas into practice. The realization of ideas to market introductions.

New Business Development project

Obtaining more business from knowledge. Effective use and valorization of knowledge. Sounding board and advice on the development of a strategic policy. Connection and development of value chains, using industry developments, market information and international developments. The development of roadmaps.

Innovation agent

Develop together. Offering advice and support to companies, education & research institutes and the government with respect to knowledge creation and innovation. Finding and connecting the right experts and business partners. The connecting oilman to let different people cooperate with each other.


The preparation and organization of something entirely new. Bringing parties or persons together in innovation clusters, inspiring and developing a strategy (road-map) for innovative initiatives.

Innovation Coach

Support and management of breeding grounds, where starting entrepreneurs, researchers and authorities are working together on innovation. The management and coaching of innovation teams or starting entrepreneurs.

Industry expert

Independent inventory and evaluation of sectoral or industry matters, for example regarding, products, technologies, markets, industry developments, quality systems, food safety, regulatory affairs, legislation, food and health.


Interim management. Moving forward and steering entrepreneurial projects. Designing, building and starting new production lines or factories. Assessment, feedback and development of a new innovative business case, business plan, internationalization or export acceleration. Road mapping focused on sustainability, agility, yield, processes improvement, licenses, quality systems or the creation of future opportunities.