JoTh Innovation, Johan van der Veen
After the teacher’s education and master degree in Organic Chemistry (University of Groningen), Johan has developed himself into a successful innovation director in a B2B family business having typical company characteristics such as a long-term perspective, entrepreneurial stewardship and innovation power. Johan’s passion is innovation, he loves technology and he is fascinated by the food chain. As an industry expert, he has wide knowledge and experience with industrial processes in the food and agricultural sector. These processes are, for example, the production of high quality oils, fats and proteins, which are used in food, feed, pet food, oleo-chemistry and bio-diesel. Successful innovations have been realized, such as an enzymatic production, fat fractionation and functional proteins. He was co-founder and designer of one of the first industrial ecosystems in The Netherlands (Publication; P+, 2003). Besides that, he was administratively and politically involved in several European and national industry associations, committees and task forces in the field of innovation, the animal chain, European legislation, health and food safety. After his study Business Strategy at the University of Groningen, Johan became specialized into the strategic support of organizations on the subject of innovation, new business development and sustainable entrepreneurship. Johan is a connector in the value chain, feels at home on the playing field of companies, education, research institutes and the government. He is all-round and pragmatic with a focus on innovation power and entrepreneurship.