Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Obtain more business from knowledge!

Johan van der Veen

Would you like to obtain more business opportunities by using knowledge? Do you have any innovative bio-based questions? Do you want to take your idea to the next level of market introduction? Do you want to speed up your innovation? Do you need input and feedback on your innovative business case? Would you like to design, build and start a new production line or factory?

JoTh Innovation is the right partner for you!

JoTh Innovation is a strategic consultancy in the field of bio-based innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. JoTh Innovation’s fouder Johan van der Veen is an experienced entrepreneur with a sharp eye for smart innovations and new concepts. His passion is innovation, he loves technology and is fascinated by the food chain: “from farm to fork and from fork to farm.” Johan is an unbound connector, who speaks the language of business and who can easily combine different disciplines. He is an entrepreneurial advisor as well as an advising entrepreneur with a focus on innovative strength and long-term strategy.

“Innovation is my passion! I am an energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur who enjoys analyzing and solving complex, innovative issues with a focus on innovative strength, sustainability and health. My ambition is to catalyze value creation, so that the economy and ecology are profitable at the same time. In my opinion, insight, inspiration, cooperation, intuition and a healthy dose of a down-to-earth mindset are the essential factors to achieve this goal.”